Stop being so negative….
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…is something that seems to be heard a lot since the Brexit vote ! But sometimes being negative can be very positive….especially in the photographic world. Negatives are those magic little bits of film that hold the original image, usually safe from fading and damage unlike prints. The problem is that not many places on the High Street can process and print negatives these days, so often they are left in a pile in the proverbial shoe box under the bed.

I am often asked to restore faded and damaged prints but it is rare that someone brings in a negative to be cleaned up and printed…it is however a joy to do, as they are usually much better to print from. A recent customer had found a negative amongst her late mother’s possessions and wondered if it would be worth printing….it was clearly a wedding photo and she was sure that it must be her parents wartime wedding

An hour or so of work on my computer and the negative had been made into a print ready positive….when my customer saw the finished result she was delighted as it showed her parent’s wedding as she thought but her dad,who wasn’t in many family photos apparently,was in his naval uniform looking splendid

If you have a box of old prints or negatives and would like to see them brought back to life give me a call on 07920 133159….remember…these are precious memories that not only you will cherish now, but future generations will be able to enjoy them over and over

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