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…a return to wonderful “art” portraits? The sort of thing that could be found hanging in a stunning house in the country? Even if you live in town?

I’ve recently started to experiment with some new “old” styles for children’s portraits in Wellingborough. There seem to be so many studio portraits shot on a white background with masses of bright lights and children rolling around on the floor that I felt that something more elegant and timeless may be a wonderful change…after all  my photographs are going to last for decades – your children’s children will be looking at them one day, I hope – and they may wonder why you looked so strange just lying on the floor with your legs in the air!

So! A return to quiet, still portraits that I hope will show the “heirloom photography” look that I’m aiming for

One of my favourite models helped out with a studio sitting in my studio on The Embankment in Wellingborough; I’ve had the pleasure to photograph this little girl since she was about 2 years old …both in the studio and on location outdoors…so for a 10th birthday shoot she come into my studio and sat very still looking very elegant  (she really is a full of fun….!) and we got some wonderful photographs. The gallery below shows just a few that we took:





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