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I’m frequently asked this question – and my answer is usually very simple! Wear something that makes you feel special…but also comfortable!

If there’s a group.such as a typical family shoot, with grown ups and kids, then try to co-ordinate the colour choices: blue denim jeans and white or pale coloured shirts with collars always look great, and suit most shapes and ages. A black T-shirt also looks really good against a tanned or black skin, especially if you want some black and white photographs as part of your selection to be framed

What must be avoided at all costs is a “mish-mash” of colours and patterns…! We want to see your faces and these things distract from you…and thats’s what the photo shot is about after all…YOU! Sports logos and brands can be ok if they’re no more than a small thumbnail size but anything bigger is best left behind when you come to the studio!

It’s always nice to have bare feet …you will feel relaxed (believe me!) and the extra touch of skin on show adds a lovely romantic feel, especially with children

Bring a change of clothes – I have a changing room – so perhaps something more formal for a classic portrait look

Above all don’t worry too much – just keep it simple and you won’t be far off what I mean!

There are a few photos below of “looks” that work well for your photoshoot


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