So, your company need a picture of you for the website….
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…what are you going to do? Get a mate to snap you with his compact camera? Take a selfie with your smart phone? Or perhaps pop into a photobooth and get 4 terrible passport style photographs?

When your clients or potential employers look at your site they will expect a professional looking portrait NOT a snap taken at home or in the back garden with a green hedge (if you’re lucky!) in the back ground…

Sure, it costs more to come into a studio and have your portrait taken professionally but then you get a whole lot more too….the photographer will ensure that your hair is tidy, your make up looks fresh ,your tie is straight …if you’re wearing a tie! It’s not always important but where it is it’s vital that it looks correct !

Your photographer will take time to help you relax and discuss how the photograph will be used…what kind of business you’re in, what sort of style the company is expecting and other important details. I recently photographed someone who ran a management development business and she said it was amazing how many candidates for senior roles would enclose a badly taken passport size photo with their applications…their CVs had to be pretty special to overcome that negative first impression of not taking trouble to present yourself properly!

A studio session with me starts at £50 and will include a high resolution file for you to use on your LinkedIn page or other social media as well as on company sites….remember the old adage…You only get one chance to make a first impression…make sure that you are showing yourself in the best light with a high quality corporate headshot

Some recent examples are below…to make your appointment call 07920 133159

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