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…are wonderful time capsules, just ready to be opened and enjoyed all over again. When John brought an old Polaroid instant print in to me, it was obvious from the clothes which era it had been taken in! The guys were in flares with long hair and beards, while the girls were looking lovely in Biba style outfits…and to complete the look there was an old VW Beetle in shot! it could have been taken at Woodstock in 1969….

The print was in a pretty poor condition with a large crease across one face and much peeling and damage to the emulsion…and it was only about 3×2″ in size. Major restoration work was needed and the power of digital technology makes it a lot simpler than the old Indian Ink and spotting fluids….

When I returned the finished print to John, this time as a 7×5″ mounted print, he was immediately transported back to some happy times 50 odd years ago….and all for a reasonable price too! The print can now be expected to last a good 50 years or more without fading, and of course the digitised version is always here for reproduction purposes

If you have some faded old photos that you would like to see and enjoy again, call me on 07920 133159 or call in to the studio in Nene Court on The Embankment, in Wellingborough

Before and after photos below….which do you prefer to look at ?

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