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…when old customers come back to see me…especially when they bring a challenging job my way! I had photographed Lesley Day’s two grown up children a few years ago when they came in for a photo session to provide a birthday present for mum, so it was really nice to see them back in the studio in Nene Court. Lesley brought with her a framed print from her wedding …I won;t say how many years ago….but it was severely faded and framed in an ornate gilt frame. On first sight it looked like a canvas print but after I dismantled the frame to scan the original I discovered it was in fact a photographic paper print with a “canvas” texture overlay which was then all stuck to a piece of thick cardboard. I haven’t seen that method used for a long time so suggested that we restore and reprint on stretched canvas…but Lesley and her husband wanted to have the newly restored print reframed into the original ornate frame. A little research and I found a professional printer who could offer me a canvas style print surface with the print mounted to 3mm MDF for stability and durability. I reframed the whole thing using glaziers points rather than the steel “sprigs” that had caused damage to the frame and mount by rusting over the years. A good clean up and polish and the whole thing looked like new!

When Lesley and her daughter came in to collect I was so pleased with their response….the photo had been hanging at home for so many years and everyone had grown used to the faded colours…seeing them fresh and new was a revelation!

If you have old photographs that you would like to see brought back to life come and see me in the studio in Nene Court…telephone 07920 133159 to get more details. What price do you put on a precious memory?

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