I had the pleasure of photographing Simone…..
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…in the studio recently and love the results of our photoshoot!

I had met Simone while having a coffee one day and was struck by her presence and attitude as much as her facial features….so after a little discussion and thinking time I was delighted when she agreed to be photographed in my studio in Nene Court, Wellingborough

Simone had, correctly,”checked me out” to ensure that I was a professional photographer and was trustworthy and reputable – something which was highlighted on BBC TV Watchdog programme recently, where a few photo studios were investigated for their,shall we say, sharp practices! There are no catches or pressure when you have a shoot with me….what you see is what you get! This is my business and I treat all of my customers as I would expect to be treated myself…with respect,courtesy and honesty

I was very impressed with Simone’s ability to interact with the camera and we got some fab photos I think. Unfortunately, for me at least,this lovely young lady is off to Australia very soon !

A selection of head-shots from the shoot is in the gallery below, and if you would like to come and have a photoshoot with me,either in the studio or at a location of your choice, please call 07920 1331159 for more information or to make a booking…..you will have a wonderful experience and beautiful photographs to show for it!

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