Toni and Alex

…were in the studio recently, with their parents for a family shoot, with many of the framed prints being destined as presents for proud grandparents! I love this, as it means that the family gets to share their happiness with their photographs and they are safe from getting lost in the digital dustbin that smart phone pictures can quickly disappear into!

i enjoyed taking the whole family as a group but,Toni, the older daughter was being a typical teen and didn’t really want to have her portrait taken. This is where employing a professional photographer pays dividends…by taking a short time to relax, adjusting the lighting and ensuring that Toni was comfortable and didn’t feel “forced” to smile or do anything she wasn’t happy with, I think I have managed to capture something special in this young woman’s picture. Too often, i feel,studios expect their subjects to jump around, roll on the floor and pretend to be having “fun”…while all the time making them feel self conscious. I hear this so often from my customers, when they tell me that they just want something beautiful or classic in style

Both Toni (on the left) and Alex were relaxed for their individual portraits and I am very pleased with the “look” of them…as I know that they and the family are

If you would like to have a beautiful family portrait session with none of the “ballyhoo” that certain studios use, give me a call on 07920 133159. The shoot is free and there is never any pressure to do or buy anything that you are not completely happy and satisfied with.

Stop being so negative….

…is something that seems to be heard a lot since the Brexit vote ! But sometimes being negative can be very positive….especially in the photographic world. Negatives are those magic little bits of film that hold the original image, usually safe from fading and damage unlike prints. The problem is that not many places on the High Street can process and print negatives these days, so often they are left in a pile in the proverbial shoe box under the bed.

I am often asked to restore faded and damaged prints but it is rare that someone brings in a negative to be cleaned up and printed…it is however a joy to do, as they are usually much better to print from. A recent customer had found a negative amongst her late mother’s possessions and wondered if it would be worth printing….it was clearly a wedding photo and she was sure that it must be her parents wartime wedding

An hour or so of work on my computer and the negative had been made into a print ready positive….when my customer saw the finished result she was delighted as it showed her parent’s wedding as she thought but her dad,who wasn’t in many family photos apparently,was in his naval uniform looking splendid

If you have a box of old prints or negatives and would like to see them brought back to life give me a call on 07920 133159….remember…these are precious memories that not only you will cherish now, but future generations will be able to enjoy them over and over

I had the pleasure of photographing Simone…..

…in the studio recently and love the results of our photoshoot!

I had met Simone while having a coffee one day and was struck by her presence and attitude as much as her facial features….so after a little discussion and thinking time I was delighted when she agreed to be photographed in my studio in Nene Court, Wellingborough

Simone had, correctly,”checked me out” to ensure that I was a professional photographer and was trustworthy and reputable – something which was highlighted on BBC TV Watchdog programme recently, where a few photo studios were investigated for their,shall we say, sharp practices! There are no catches or pressure when you have a shoot with me….what you see is what you get! This is my business and I treat all of my customers as I would expect to be treated myself…with respect,courtesy and honesty

I was very impressed with Simone’s ability to interact with the camera and we got some fab photos I think. Unfortunately, for me at least,this lovely young lady is off to Australia very soon !

A selection of head-shots from the shoot is in the gallery below, and if you would like to come and have a photoshoot with me,either in the studio or at a location of your choice, please call 07920 1331159 for more information or to make a booking… will have a wonderful experience and beautiful photographs to show for it!

So, your company need a picture of you for the website….

…what are you going to do? Get a mate to snap you with his compact camera? Take a selfie with your smart phone? Or perhaps pop into a photobooth and get 4 terrible passport style photographs?

When your clients or potential employers look at your site they will expect a professional looking portrait NOT a snap taken at home or in the back garden with a green hedge (if you’re lucky!) in the back ground…

Sure, it costs more to come into a studio and have your portrait taken professionally but then you get a whole lot more too….the photographer will ensure that your hair is tidy, your make up looks fresh ,your tie is straight …if you’re wearing a tie! It’s not always important but where it is it’s vital that it looks correct !

Your photographer will take time to help you relax and discuss how the photograph will be used…what kind of business you’re in, what sort of style the company is expecting and other important details. I recently photographed someone who ran a management development business and she said it was amazing how many candidates for senior roles would enclose a badly taken passport size photo with their applications…their CVs had to be pretty special to overcome that negative first impression of not taking trouble to present yourself properly!

A studio session with me starts at £50 and will include a high resolution file for you to use on your LinkedIn page or other social media as well as on company sites….remember the old adage…You only get one chance to make a first impression…make sure that you are showing yourself in the best light with a high quality corporate headshot

Some recent examples are below…to make your appointment call 07920 133159

My customers love their framed photographs so much that they want them all!

Of course, I would be delighted to provide them all but for many people the cost may be too much….so how about having all of your favourites in a beautiful coffee table book that you can show to friends and family whenever you like?

I offer a range of these books in A4 or A3 sizes: they start with 26 pages and have stylish glossy covers…just like the high end books that you see in bookstores…except that this is YOUR book….YOUR choice of photographs in an art layout that will make pictures stand out and look so good !

Typically I will be able to place around 30-35 images in an A4 book…with many of them being full page or double page spreads….which look stunning. The books are designed to lay flat and open so there is no line between the images.

Prices start at £185 for an A4 26 page book but we can include up to 70 pages ….a complete family album of gorgeous photography!

If you would like to have your shoot made into a memory book just call 07920 133159 to book….or call into my studio in Nene Court where you can see samples

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