Interested in the history and landscape of Northamptonshire?

As well as being a portrait and family photographer I have written and photographed two books about the county for Halsgrove Ltd., a national publisher of high quality books on local interests and history. These books make great stocking fillers for Christmas as they contain a wealth of information and stunning photographs of our glorious county – The Rose of…

Restored photographs….

…are wonderful time capsules, just ready to be opened and enjoyed all over again. When John brought an old Polaroid instant print in to me, it was obvious from the clothes which era it had been taken in! The guys were in flares with long hair and beards, while the girls were looking lovely in Biba style outfits…and to complete…

You’ve been framed…

..used to be a popular TV show some years ago, but it’s very important to me as a photographer in Wellingborough! It means that I have finished the work for my customers and they can take their beautiful photographs home and ready to hang on their wall. All artists believe that we we produce is wonderful (!), but a print…

I love it….

…when old customers come back to see me…especially when they bring a challenging job my way! I had photographed Lesley Day’s two grown up children a few years ago when they came in for a photo session to provide a birthday present for mum, so it was really nice to see them back in the studio in Nene Court. Lesley…

Family Photography is important…

…for all of the reasons that I often write about, but I recently photographed a lovely family for whom the need for a family group portrait was very poignant, The family’s much loved grandfather was seriously ill and they wanted to capture those precious memories for ever….and,in my opinion,no matter how many smart phone pictures you have nothing compares to a beautifully printed and framed high quality photographic print

The family comprised 7 members, from a baby boy through to granddad, and I was delighted to be asked to capture several portraits of the old man, who was charming and kind and who clearly loved his great grandson. Sometimes the emotions of a shoot like this are very tangible and at the subsequent viewing many tears were shed. I felt privileged to be asked to photograph this moment in time for them all, and to supply a large number of stylish framed prints for their home nearby to my studio in Wellingborough

If you would like to have a family portrait shoot to give you lasting memories, just call me on 07920 133159 or visit my studio in Nene Court,The Embankment,Wellingborough

A selection of images from the shoot are shown below…I know that the family love them now and will cherish them forever

I love it when clients return….

…for another shoot. It tells me that they were not only pleased with their first photo session, but they liked it so much they want more and trust me to deliver the quality photography that they want

I photographed little Holly around Mother’s Day last year as a thoughtful present from her dad to his wife and mother, so I was especially delighted to see them back to book another shoot in the same location. Holly had changed a lot i the last 12 months and it is lovely to see a child’s personality beginning to develop from the toddler that they were. We had a sunny walk around the stunning Abington Park in Northampton…lots of different areas to capture a little girl and her dad on a Sunday morning stroll. We ended up near the model boating lake where a regatta was taking place which allowed me to get some lovely photos of Holly with coloured sails in the background

Holly”s mum and dad have ordered lots of framed prints and also a box of my perfect 10s! These are 10cm square prints presented in a smart little box just right for a present from grandma,,,,and you get 27 prints for only £45! That’s less than £2 a print for high quality photographs on a beautiful smooth stiff photographic paper.

If you would like a photoshoot outdoors in your favourite park or gardens,,,give me a call on 07920 133159….there is no high pressure selling, but I know that you WILL love the photographs and be happy to spend a little on treasured memories!

A selection from Holly’s Abington Park shoot is below

Actors and writers…

…are always interesting people to photograph and a recent sitting with author Mike Richards proved to be no exception. Mike has written several books and been involved with film making , so I was flattered to be trusted to produce a set of headshots to be used in publicity materials and for banners and posters at various literary festivals around the country

Photographing adults is a much more demanding job than shooting children…kids are generally without self consciousness and therefore it’s relatively easy to capture their various changing emotions during the course of a photoshoot. Adults,particularly creative people, often have quite fixed views of how they wish to present themselves…which may not always suit the real person inside. When photographing Mike we spent quite a time chatting about his writing and experiences …only then was i happy to start pressing the shutter release! A couple of changes of tops and a wide ranging discussion allowed me to capture several sides of this interesting man’s character…so much so, that instead of just ordering the usual amount, Mike took three times as many, as he felt they would allow him to choose an image that was suitable for the variety of media that he would be published in.

There is a selection of images form the shoot below….if you need head shots as an actor,writer, performer or just want a business or social media picture that is much more interesting than the inevitable “selfie” …give me a call on 07920 133159…I would love to provide a stunning selection of photographs for you!

Commercial photography for a pub chain in Northamptonshire

is the name of the blog but recently I think it should be snapshots from OUT of my gallery! I seem to have been doing lots of location work for my commercial customers since Christmas, so it’s nice to be able to get back inside and catch up with blogging and my admin!

One job i enjoyed working on recently was to provide high quality photography for a newly refurbished pub and restaurant, The Axe and Compass in Ringstead, Northamptonshire. The owners have done a great job in creating a cosy and welcoming pub but now need to attract customers from a wider area than the immediate vicinity. They have built a website and recognised the need for high quality professional photographs to tell their story effectively. I was commissioned to photograph elements of the interior and also some delicious looking food prepared by their chef….

They need to portray the warmth of the pub and the high quality of the food offering in their restaurant. A small selection of their chosen photographs is below, and if you need high quality interior or food and catering photography just call me on 07920 133159 for an informal discussuon of how we can work togethert to create some fabulous photographs!

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