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Business and Social Media headshots have become a real self marketing tool, so why not have them as good as they can be? Too often I see LinkedIn or Facebook profile photos that are selfies, taken at arm’s length with a smart phone. Sometimes they look OK, if they have been taken near a good source of directional light with an uncluttered background but as often as not they are taken at the pub, or in the garden with all of the background in focus and either over bright sunlight or deep shadow.

There’s no need for this! Come to a professional studio, like mine in Nene Court,Wellingborough and let a proper photographer get some amazing images that you will be proud to share on your social media pages and that will get you noticed by potential employers or business partners

Peter (below) did this and he get a great selection of both formal and informal headshots that he can use in a variety of ways…a signature on an email, a header for a blog post or to be used in a business related case study article in a trade magazine perhaps

Call or text 07920 133159 to see how professional portrait photography can improve your image!

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