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…was brought into my studio recently. Ann had recently lost her husband and had a treasured photograph of him as a small child – probably over 80 years old. The print was quite dirty and faded generally, but beneath that I could still see a beautiful hand coloured portrait of a fair haired little boy, in a pale blue shirt. Ann wondered if I could “clean” the original photograph….but I explained that although it was possible, it would be very expensive and risk damaging her precious original print. I could tell she was reluctant to let the small framed print out of her possession for too long, so I promised a quick turn around….

After scanning and digitising the print it took a few hours of careful work to bring back the original of the photograph, but when I printed it out on standard lustre photo paper it looked “wrong” somehow…too modern and without the feel of the era that that original clearly had. So,i printed again on a beautiful heavy weight Fine Art paper from Hahnemuhle …a leading manufacturer of high quality papers. The finished prints looked fantastic and after reframing the tiny original (only about 3″x 4″) I was anxious to see how the client would react….happily she was more than delighted and will be bringing in more of her precious photographs for restoration in the New Year!

If you have old photographs that you would like to see brought back to life, call me on 07920 133159 ,,,,



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